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First Class Wheel and Tire Protection

Drive with Peace of Mind

First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus. Peace of mind at every turn.

Wheel Damage

Why do I need First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Plus?

Your vehicle’s wheels and tires connect you to the road, yet damage to these parts is rarely covered under the vehicle’s warranty.

Potential Road Hazards:

Road Hazards

Customer Benefits:

• Covers all costs associated with the replacement of the wheel and/or tire, plus labor including: Mounting, balancing, valve system, taxes, and towing

• Repairs most scrapes, scratches and other cosmetic damages to your wheels

• Covers original equipment and any replacement wheels or tires purchased during the contract period

• Covered repairs performed at our dealership or any authorized repair facility

• Provides a rental reimbursement in the event of a lengthy repair of the wheel and/or tire

• Covers an unlimited number of incidents for the term of the contract

*Must be purchased at time of vehicle sale.

* Road hazards are defined as debris on a public roadway such as nails, glass, potholes, rocks, tree limbs, or any other object or condition not normally found in the roadway. Road conditions (such as uneven lanes or metal plates) found in construction zones or construction sites are not considered a covered road hazard. Damage or accidents caused by these conditions should be reported to your automobile insurance company. Certain exclusions apply.

** Contact us for contract details and additional questions on coverage.

Wheel and Tire Protection