Exterior Protection

When professionally applied Cilajet bonds with the exterior of your car at the micron level, giving it a deep mirror-like finish. Cilajet helps in reducing surface imperfections such as webbing, fine scratches, oxidation and fading.

  • Resists contaminants from adhering to the surface
  • Repels dirt, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, raw eggs, acid rain, salt & mineral deposits
  • Protects against corrosion: salt & ice
  • Helps eliminate brake dust build-up
  • Reduces frequency of car washing

10-Year Warranty on New Vehicles

5-Year Warranty on Pre-Owned Vehicles

Warranty is fully transferable to a second owner.

On new vehicles we guarantee that all Cilajet treated exterior surfaces will maintain the “new finish” look against weather-induced damage and will be resistant to damage from bird droppings, acid rain, environmental contaminants, hard water spots, mineral deposits and tree sap for up to ten years from date of application, as long as it is re-applied after 5 years.  If any treated exterior surfaces are damaged by fading, oxidation, or loss of the “new finish” look from weather induced causes, we will reapply the products at no additional cost, or repair or repaint damaged surfaces.  Pre-owned vehicles will be reconditioned and Cilajet will be re-applied.

Interior Protection

FAB by Cilajet defends against food and drink stains & Makes fabric & upholstery clean-up fast and easy.  We guarantee that all interior carpeting, mats, and fabric upholstery treated with Fab will remain free of permanent stains for five years from the date of application.  Should permanent staining occur to a new vehicle due to food, drink, pet stains, topical oils or lotions, gum, crayons, ink, dyes, lipstick, makeup, blood, or baby diaper contents the stained or damaged area will be professionally cleaned, repaired, or replaced.  On a pre-owned vehicle the stained area will be professionally cleaned and the Fab will be re-applied.

HIDE by Cilajet conditions and protects your leather and vinyl seats from drying, fading and discoloration.  We guarantee for five years that all new vehicle interior and vinyl seats treated with Hide will remain free of fading, discoloration or cracking due to dryness or environmental conditions.  Should such conditions arise we will repair such condition, including replacement if required.  On a pre-owned vehicle we will professionally clean and reapply Hide. *Dye transfers from clothes or pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage.

RIP, TEAR, AND BURN protection guarantees for five years that if the new vehicle experiences accidental rips, cuts, tears, burns or punctures less than two inches or loose stitching, the damages area will be professionally repaired or replaced.

Why Cilajet?

The Cilajet formula has been providing the ultimate in surface protection and shine to the aviation industry for over 10 years. As the finishing product used by companies such as Gulfstream, United Airlines, Qantas and Air New Zealand, cilajet’s exclusive formula was found to protect “corrosion-prone surfaces in exceptionally severe corrosion environments” (Sandia Labs, 5/99)


Cilajet is the product of choice for exotic, classic, and high-line performance vehicles used in car shows, magazines and feature films.

“Because I have a busy life, the ease of keeping my car clean is what appeals to me. I put cilajet on all my cars – even my classic 1966 Ford truck. What’s amazing is that, with cilajet, it looks brand new today.” Ryan Phillippe, Actor

“I swear, cilajet made my car shine better than new!” Tia Carrere, Actor

“Not just the difference in my 2007 Maserati, but cilajet took out the oxidation on my older black F150 truck, which was completely unexpected.” Shane Whittle, Financial Advisor

“I have been detailing cars and jets for about 12 years. Because of cilajet, I have reduced cleaning time by half. I have never seen a product like cilajet… it is truly amazing!” Jon McCain, Line Service Manager for Charlotte Jet

Elite Customer Service

Should you have any questions regarding the cilajet product or warranty, please visit us on-line at; email us at; or call us at 877-CILAJET (245-2538). We will be happy to answer your questions in a timely and professional manner.