Total Quality makes Jaguar the Best Luxury Brand

Comparing luxury is no easy task. Customers are the true critics and thanks to Strategic Vision Inc we are able to see which brands deliver the total package. The rankings are in from Strategic Vision Inc and Jaguar has been names one of the best Luxury brands in 2014. So what does this mean to our customers?

Long-standing Commitment

jaguar-santa-barbara-rszThe Strategic Vision Total Quality Index score looks at companies from a holistic point of view. They measure the positive and negative experiences that customers encounter. Customers provide real product experiences about reliability, any problems, their driving excitement, along with other measures to determine the Total Quality.

Jaguar is committed to designing and developing vehicles that we consider top-quality and likewise that our buyers view as high in quality. Emotions are powerful and we seek to delight their emotions with every glance at their new vehicle and when they slip behind the wheel for a quick spin around the block or a cruise down the coast. The Total Quality Index ranking is a testament to the quality and performance of Jaguar vehicles and the renewed spirit and passion that our customers have for the brand.

Models that Delight

As much as Jaguar focuses on providing a quality and reliable driving experience, customers can look forward to an emotional treat when they slip behind the wheel. With the launch of the all-new F-Type Coupe customers have embraced the renewed passion behind the Jaguar brand. Villains prefer a Jaguar, but you can bring the same power to your next ride.

Jaguar is honored to be one of the best Luxury brands on the marketplace. Our new models will continue to uphold our reputation for uncompromising quality from first glance, throughout the buying process, and routine maintenance. Jaguar will be the brand that continues to delight long after you leave the showroom.

About Jaguar Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Auto group is proud to be an authorized Jaguar dealer located just off the 101 and S Hope Ave.  The Jaguar team at Santa Barbara Auto Group delivers an exceptional buying experience, paying close attention to your requests.  The sale staff offers many years of experience satisfying customers’ needs.  Customers may view the extensive selection of new and pre-owned Jaguar vehicles online or on-site at Santa Barbara Auto Group.  Come test drive the new 2015 Jaguar F-Type or the popular XF today.

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