Santa Barbara Auto Group Offers an Amazing Selection of Protection Options

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Santa Barbara Auto Group provides a plethora of protection options that you can tailor to your driving needs

You should never feel insecure about taking your beautiful vehicle into the wide-open road or driving down the 101.  You should never have to worry about a stray pebble cracking your windshield or having to replace your tire should you come across debris on the road.  Now you won’t have to with the wonderful protection options offered by Santa Barbara Auto Group.

Make Your Choice from a diverse list of options available to you

The unpredictable appearance of scuffs and dents should not cross your mind when driving through the city or coasting along the highway. You can avoid all of the stress that goes along with paying for costly superficial repairs by purchasing the Dent and Windshield protection plan from Santa Barbara Auto Group.  Santa Barbara Auto Group offers incredibly affordable options for this plan starting at $1,225.00 for a three-year protection plan and offering up to seven years of protection at a low cost. Santa Barbara Auto Group also offers Wheel and Tire protection as well, which will ensure that protection against road hazards. In addition, it offers the repair for any cosmetic damage to your rim over the course of your protection period. These plans start at $1,695.00 for a three-year plan and are available as long as seven years. To get the most bang- for-your-buck, your best bet is to purchase the Platinum Bundle, which offers all the above protections at a bundled rate. Santa Barbara offers all the same options from three to seven-year protection plans, starting out at $2,525.00. The Platinum Bundle ensures that you are protected against the cost of all non-invasive cosmetic repairs and damages caused by road hazards. Call a representative today or visit us online at to learn more about all of these protection options.

In addition to the affordable options offered by Santa Barbara Auto Group’s cosmetic and road hazard protection plans you can be assured that you will be served by industry trained specialists.  You will receive the premier in customer service and you can be sure that your vehicle will be cared for by top of the line mechanics that will resolve any failures to your satisfaction.

About Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group is located off the 101 and Hope Ave.  Santa Barbara Auto Group serves residents and drivers throughout Southern California as the premier dealer for Acura, Audit, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Every Santa Barbara Auto Group representative is committed to providing the highest quality service. To learn more about your favorite luxury vehicle or to schedule a test drive, feel free to call, email, or visit Santa Barbara Auto Group.

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