BMW Continues to Lead the Industry with Innovative and Progressive Ideas

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In a period of technological and automotive progression that exceeds any precedent, BMW is a leader in the race.

BMW has always been at the forefront of technological advancement in the auto-industry, being one of the first brands to equip its vehicles with self-detecting collision avoiding systems, brake-assist systems, and numerous other features. According to the web publication Digital Trends, BMW continues to pave the road for competitors when it comes to current popular innovative topics. In this era where technology can be new today and old tomorrow, it’s important for companies to set their sights on the future. While most companies are looking ahead to the next decade, BMW is looking ahead to the next century with their Vision Next 100 models.

Hot Technology Topics in the Auto Industry

Autonomous Vehicles

For years, autonomously driven vehicles have appeared in Science Fiction movies as a concept that exists only in the unforeseeable future. However, this is likely to change soon as automakers have already implemented concepts like lane keeping assist or adaptive cruise control. These features are considered to be Level 1 or 2 in autonomous functionality. BMW’s vision for the next generation of cars is Level 3 in autonomous functionality, meaning future vehicles will be fully autonomous with the option for the driver to regain control if desired. BMW is also considering the concept of self-balancing motorcycles.

Alternative Energy

As is consistent with most industries, the automotive industry is trying to shift toward more sustainable practices. The Green movement has played an important role in the auto industry in recent years, but there still has not been an effective push for any brand that has eliminated the need for gasoline. BMW predicts that this push for alternative energy sources for powertrains will only accelerate in the coming years. That’s why the engineers in BMW’s Mini division have been working on the Mini-E series, set to debut in 2019. This line of Mini’s will provide urban mobility in compact, customizable, zero-emission vehicles.

In addition to battery-electric vehicles, BMW has been working with Toyota in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Whichever of these alternative solutions is the one to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, you can be assured BMW will be among the first to introduce it.

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