Why Drivers Love Luxury Vehicles at Santa Barbara Auto Group

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A Santa Barbara dealer shares its favorite reasons for owning a premium luxury automobile.

There is a saying that you don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it. Hopefully this is never the case for our luxury automobile customers, but it is probably true that once they have owned a premium car they will never be satisfied with anything else again. While there are many stand-out features that set luxury vehicles apart from the competition, there are also many understated benefits that go relatively unnoticed but make a huge difference. Here is a selection of our favorite features, known and obscure, that make luxury vehicles the best option for discriminating drivers.


Premium brands value the eye-catching quality of luxury design. They understand that owners want to fall in love with their car every time they walk towards it. Whether the sleek styling of a Mercedes-Benz coupe calls to you or the strength of a Land Rover Range Rover gets your heart pounding, there is something designed to fit every preference. However, the design of a luxury car revolves more around performance than looks. While it is great to have a car that turns heads, it is more important for manufacturers to provide vehicles that provide optimal performance. That wide wheel base you covet is designed to hug the road on tight corners, the aerodynamic slope of the roof-line reduces drag, and the premium wheel sets include race-quality braking systems. With a luxury vehicle, you can be sure thought was put into each component so that it looks great and performs at its best.


This leads us to the next key element of a luxury automobile – top performance standards. Every luxury brand from Acura to Audi to Porsche and BMW pride themselves on creating vehicles that push the bounds of driving performance. Drivers enjoy greater horsepower, tighter handling, faster acceleration, and decreased braking distances. All of these factors together deliver a thrill that is hard to beat. Best of all, many of the top luxury brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz are now releasing models with more efficient engines by utilizing alternative fuel options such as hybrid electric power or clean diesel. This way drivers don’t have to compromise efficiency for power.

Driving Comfort

Imagine settling into a handcrafted premium Napa leather seat, clasping your hands on a smooth heated leather steering wheel and gazing effortlessly at a large color heads-up display to access all the driving system, navigation, climate, and entertainment information in once convenient place. This is the experience drivers have that they soon realize they cannot live without. Once you get used to the intuitive controls of a premium vehicle, all other systems seem clumsy and lacking. Many brands now offer in-car internet functionality and ongoing vehicle monitoring systems to inform drivers of service needs or driving alerts.

Ownership Satisfaction

Considering a new car purchase? Take a look at the latest consumer satisfaction surveys and you will find that luxury models often end up at the top of the lists. Moreover, luxury brands such as BMW are well noted for their comprehensive maintenance plans so drivers can have peace of mind that they are covered for years to come. Additionally, luxury purchases do not always have to come with an expensive price tag. Drivers can find their favorite certified pre-owned luxury models at a great value. Certified pre-owned programs ensure the vehicle is in top condition and meets a rigorous checklist of performance and safety specifications. If you have never thought you could afford a luxury car, take the time to search through the available certified pre-owned vehicles in your area. You will be pleasantly surprised at the great selection and value you can find.

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