Audi Brings Precision Laser Lighting to the Road

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audi r8 lightingAudi Santa Barbara explores the latest lighting innovations from Audi on the world-class luxury sports car, the Audi R8.

The Audi R8 has always been a standard for engineering sophistication and ingenuity within the Audi brand. This iconic luxury sports car has received top reviews, exceptional driver feedback, and has even made appearances on the big screen in box office hits. Even with this legacy of excellence, the Audi R8 continues to surprise and impress drivers year after year. Audi continues to push the creative boundaries of engineering and the Audi R8 is proud to deliver a driving experience unlike any other in its market class.

Recently, Audi announced that the Audi R8 will showcase a number of technology updates for the new year. One of the first to be announced is its all-new set of headlights. Of course, these are no ordinary headlights. The new Audi R8 will feature available with a laser spot as complementary high-beam headlamp.   Paired with the advanced LED headlamps, the laser sport high-beams will provide more efficient lighting capabilities for dark roads and difficult driving conditions. Audi understands that strong lighting has the power to prevent an accident and provide the visibility drivers need to perform at their best.

The reason the new laser high-beams are so enticing to drivers is that they are able to generate a lot of light from a small component providing almost two times the lighting range compared to standard LED high-beam headlights. This means twice the visibility and twice the safety on the road.


How does it work?

What makes the laser headlamps so impressively bright? Basically, each light contains a laser module with four individual high-intensity blue light laser diodes inside. When activated, the blue light is converted into white light thanks to a phosphor converter tucked inside the component. As a result, the laser high-beams have a blue signature light. The laser spot has made a brief previous appearance in 2014 in the limited edition Audi R8 LMX and the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro racecar.

The laser high-beams are paired with LED headlamps which include 37 LEDs per headlight. These combine to provide optimal visibility on the road.   LED headlamps have been around since 2004 and have improved in efficiency every year since. They began as daytime running light components in 2004 and now power the entire standard lighting system of the Audi R8. Current Audi lighting technologies include LED daytime running lights, Matrix LED headlights, and now the laser spot high-beam lights.

The laser high-beams are just the first of many new innovations to be introduced this year from Audi. Drivers can look for more updates on Audi technology, engineering, and design online with Santa Barbara Auto Group.


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