Jaguar Engineers Push the F-PACE to the Extreme

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Drivers will hardly believe how far Jaguar pushed the new F-PACE during recent testing procedures staged in the most extreme conditions around the world.

Drivers can be sure the Jaguar F-PACE has what it takes to perform in the most extreme circumstances. That is because the performance crossover vehicle has been rigorously tested in some of the most exacting climates in the world. From the snowcapped mountains of Northern Sweden to the searing heat of Dubai, the F-PACE has travelled the world as it is pushed to the limit.


Engineered to Perform in the Most Exhaustive Circumstances

The Jaguar F-PACE offers uncompromising power, performance, design and functionality as the first ever performance crossover vehicle from Jaguar. The brand is dedicated to engineering top-level performance vehicles and has gone the extra mile to ensure everything from the exterior components to the luxury interior and every driving, safety, and technology system in between functions properly even in the most inhospitable environments.

To start off, Jaguar engineers and testers set out for Northern Sweden where temperatures vary between negative forty degrees Fahrenheit to five degrees Fahrenheit. The car was put to the test on steep mountain climbs, split friction straights, and off road areas in frigid temperatures. No matter the terrain, the F-PACE proved it can handle itself in the snow and ice thanks to a competent all-wheel drive system and Dynamic Stability Control and technologies like the Jaguar All-Surface Progress Control1.   These systems combine with exceptional engineering to provide the highest level of control with the Jaguar F-PACE.

Another extreme environment the Jaguar F-PACE was tested in was the blistering heat of Dubai. Here temperatures can soar to nearly one hundred twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit during the day and internal cabin temperatures can reach over one hundred and fifty degrees. In this kind of heat, Jaguar engineers put the cabin materials and climate and infotainment components to the test. Every aspect of the car was tested for heat resistance. Even the cooling system was pushed to the limit driving on heated asphalt surfaces and idling in city traffic with low airflow.

Ready for Anything

Knowing that the Jaguar F-PACE can handle almost any extreme Mother Nature throws at it, the engineers of the 2016 Jaguar F-PACE have reached a new benchmark for innovative design. While few drivers will ever have to travel from sub-freezing temperatures of the high mountains to searing heat waves in the desert, it is nice to know the car will perform under any of these circumstances.   Drivers can see the car for the first time in person at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and should follow updates from our team here at Jaguar Santa Barbara online via your favorite social media channels. The vehicle is expected to arrive in showrooms mid-year in 2016.

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