Mercedes Benz CLA-class – Super Bowl introduction

2016-01-29T02:19:07-07:00February 4th, 2013|Mercedes Benz, Other News|

Mercedes Benz stole the show from Super Bowl XLVII this weekend, introducing the world to their newest line of sedan.

The 2014 CLA-class, an entry-level sports sedan. will become available in September of this year at just under $30,000. Production specifics are still in the works but 4-cylinder turbocharged, BlueTec diesel and enhanced AMG options will be available when the vehicle hits showrooms.

The commercial lived up to both Mercedes-Benz and Super Bowl commercial standards and featured celebrities Usher, Kate Upton and Willem Defoe. A shorter preview of the ad featuring Kate Upton washing the car built up excitement before the big game. Interestingly, the ad was not only entertaining; it was effective. According to, internet traffic for the CLA-class jumped 3,000 percent after the ad was played.