Kelley Blue Book Awards Acura as Best Cost-To-Own Brand

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Kelley Blue Book recognizes Acura for offering long-term reliability, low-cost ownership, and pricing below the competition.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing/leasing a new vehicle is ‘will it stand the test of time?’ Buying a new car is making a commitment that has the potential to affect your daily life for many years. Therefore, it’s more important than most people realize to research your next purchase while considering reliability-over-time as a significant factor.

Though driving an Acura may not be as enticing as driving one of their more expensive luxury competitors, like Audi or BMW, Acura has established a reputation for quality and reliability for a reasonable price. The brand might not offer too much in flash, but when it comes to getting your money’s worth over the time of ownership, Acura leads the industry. In fact, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has recently awarded Acura their KBB 5-year cost-to-own gold medal.

Kelley Blue Book determines the 5-year cost-to-own award by examining the cost of a vehicle’s projected financing, insurance and state fees, fuel, and scheduled maintenance and repairs. In addition, Kelley Blue Book includes the vehicle’s projected depreciation in value over time. Acura has proven to have the most value in this category for two consecutive years.

Acura proves that luxury and value don’t have to be exclusive concepts in a vehicle. Not only does Acura have an initially lower price than their luxury brand competitors like BMW and Audi, their vehicles hold their value incredibly well over time.

“If you’re looking for the prestige and tradition that distinguish European luxury brands, you’re going to have to pony up. But if you’re instead more interested in the practical advantages of a premium-priced vehicle—a quieter cabin, more comfortable seats, higher-quality interior appointments and such—Acura delivers for less.”

-Kelley Blue Book > 2017 5-year Cost to Own Awards: Best Brands

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