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Why Customers Love Shopping at Santa Barbara Auto Group

Explore the many reasons customers love purchasing their favorite luxury vehicles from Santa Barbara Auto Group. There are many reasons drivers choose to purchase a luxury vehicle. From engineering quality, to comfort, safety, and design, premium vehicles offer a better all-around driving experience. When it comes to finding the right luxury car for your lifestyle, […]

Save Time this Holiday Season by Scheduling Services Online with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group is giving drivers the gift of time this holiday season by offering online scheduling for service appointments and repairs. With the holidays here, life can quickly become a little hectic for those trying to fit in all the festivities with work and family. Thankfully, Santa Barbara drivers have one less thing […]

Enjoy Lasting Advantages with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group provides customers long-term sales and service benefits. Santa Barbara Auto Group is dedicated to developing life-long relationships with its customers. In a culture fueled by the constant search for all things new and better, we are committed to delivering a wide array of premium luxury vehicles and the most accessible personal […]

Get the Most out of Your BMW Service Plan

Learn about the latest maintenance and repair plans available from BMW to keep your new car running at its peak performance. Congratulations, you have purchased a BMW vehicle and now enjoy the best in luxury and performance driving. Whether you are a new or seasoned BMW owner, you want to get the most out of […]

Find Your Next Car Online with Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers drivers access to their entire inventory of premium luxury vehicles online so you can find the perfect car at just the touch of a button. Today’s technology-driven generation lives very differently from the way their parents did just decades ago. Communication has changed radically so that now rather than just […]

Mercedes-Benz Introduces Industry-Leading Technology with the S-Class

Santa Barbara Auto Group explores the innovative technologies that set the Mercedes-Benz S-Class apart from all other vehicles in the luxury market.  Are you curious about the future of automotive technology?  Take a good look at the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and you will have a good idea of the incredible innovations that are now possible.  Many […]

Acura Celebrates as NSX Heritage Comes Full Circle

Acura Santa Barbara shares how Acura unveiled the next-generation NSX supercar twenty-five years after the initial predecessor.  Acura introduced the next-generation NSX supercar this year at the 2015 North American International Auto show sending a ripple of excitement through the automotive community.  The car is the result of over twenty-five years of research and design […]

Jaguar Santa Barbara Explores the Jaguar F-PACE

From concept to reality, Jaguar takes the innovative crossover design of the C-X17 and brings it into reality as the latest addition to the Jaguar line for 2016. Jaguar drivers will be excited to know that Jaguar is taking a popular concept vehicle completely though the development process into reality.  Known as the Jaguar F-PACE, […]