BMW 4-series

2016-01-29T02:17:37-07:00January 23rd, 2013|BMW, Concept Vehicles, Other News|

It’s out with the old, in the with the new for BMW designers in 2013. BMW announced late in 2012 that they will be replacing the 3-series, 2-door coupe with the 2014 4-series concept, a stand alone line of coupes that will become available towards the end of 2013. A finished product of the concept car was unveiled this month at the NAIAS Detroit Auto Show.

Many details of the new line are still in the works but the body styling and interior should adhere to what we saw in Detroit. The 4-series is wider, flater and longer than the current 3-series coupe. Imagine if you can a 5-series sedan meets aZ4 Roadster. An aggresive front end modeled after the 3 along with chrome accents, curvier lines and newly placed air dams behind the front tires accentuate the sportiness of the vehicle, while a soft, spacious interior appeals to BMW luxury.

Available models will include a turbocharged 4-cylinder 428i, turbocharged 6-cylinder 435i and retractble hardtop convertible. And before you ask, yes, an M4 BMW will be launched as well.

Below are some images from the Detroit Auto Show: