Smart Safety Provides Optimal Protection

Santa Barbara Auto Group explores the myriad of safety technologies featured in the smart car.

There are many things drivers look for when purchasing a new vehicle. Some people look for a car that offers a sporty or sophisticated design, others search for a vehicle with top performance marks. Some people are out for the best value or warranty, while others are simply looking for the car that makes their heart skip a beat as soon as they sit down at the wheel. These are all important factors to consider and can make or break a car deal for the customer. However, one especially important factor to keep in mind while shopping for a new car is safety performance. A flashy new car is suddenly less appealing if it comes with low IIHS safety ratings or minimal government crash ratings.


With smart, drivers can have peace of mind that they are getting the best of everything…top performance and efficiency ratings, a fun driving experience, AND top industry safety standards. This is because smart cars are engineered by the innovative team at Mercedes-Benz to pioneer safety features in new and better ways. Small, efficient, and convenient, smart cars offer unique benefits paired with reliable safety engineering.

What makes the smart car so safe?

Smart car safety is based in the principle idea that the car is built specifically to protect the driver and passengers. Though they are tiny, smart cars are filled with safety features such as the patented tridoion safety cell. Similar to a racecar roll cage, the safety cell is made with high-strength steel tridion and creates protective shell around the occupants. When in a collision, the safety cell evenly distributes crash energy to minimize damage and danger. Additionally, a total of eight full-size airbags are equipped throughout the inside of the cabin to further protect the occupants in the event of a crash.

Another unique safety technology built into every smart car is the smart Electronic Stability Program (smart ESP). This program is built to recognize situations that may cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and instead adjusts the engine and brakes to optimize handling, keeping the driver in control and out of harm’s way.   Should drivers find the need to brake suddenly, the smart Anti-Lock Braking System (smart ABS) prevents wheels from locking while braking, keeping drivers safely in control.

Should a driver find themselves in a collision in a smart car, they still have peace of mind that multiple crash management features go into effect to provide the maximum protection. For example, seat belt tensioners, belt force limiters, and a collapsible steering column prepare the cabin and passengers while crash management system reduces risk and alerts others by shutting off the engine, unlocking the doors, and turning on the hazard lights.

At smart center Santa Barbara, we encourage drivers to stop by and experience the performance and safety standards for themselves on a test drive! If you have been considering a new smart vehicle, now is the best time to find the perfect one for you.

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