Santa Barbara Auto Group Advises Caution for Winter Driving

Santa Barbara Auto Group encourages drivers to use caution on the roads this winter.santa-barbara-auto-group

Santa Barbara Auto Group encourages drivers to stay safe on the road during the winter.  As temperatures drop, drivers can head out to the streets with added confidence if they take the time to drive more carefully.

Each of the premium luxury vehicles sold from Santa Barbara Auto Group feature unique safety controls to assist drivers in inclement weather or unexpected road conditions.  Drivers also benefit from the best protection and handling available, no matter what the road conditions might be.  Vehicles like the Land Rover Range Rover or the Mercedes-Benz ML or GL are engineered to maneuver over rough terrain with incredible agility.  Others vehicles feature safety standards like Automatic Braking Systems or Electronic Stability Control.

However, even with these remarkable features, there are still some cautions Santa Barbara drivers can take to stay safe on wet or snow California roads this winter:

Rain and snow in California cause hundreds of weather-related accidents each year in California.  Santa Barbara drivers do not normally have to battle snow and ice on the roads, but sometimes rain and wind can be just as dangerous.  It is important to remember to drive carefully whether you are winding up a snow-covered mountain road or navigating through downtown Santa Barbara.

Slow and Easy

When the weather is taking a toll on road conditions and visibility, it is important to remember to brake slowly and carefully.  Premium luxury vehicles the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, or BMW 5 Series come standard with an automatic braking system to protect drivers in the event of an emergency.  However, it is better to prevent emergencies in the first place.  By easing into every start and stop, you can reduce your chances of a fender bender.  Approach stop signs, lights, and stopped traffic carefully giving yourself time to lightly press on the brakes so the car is less likely to slip or slide on black ice or wet roadways.  The same caution applies when accelerating back up to speed.  By accelerating at a smooth pace, you can prevent your wheels from spinning out or losing control of your vehicle on a patch of wet asphalt or ice.

Personal Space

Fog, rain, or snow can cause poor visibility on the road and drivers can help protect themselves and their luxury car from an accident by allowing plenty of room between other cars.  This way you have more time to react if the car ahead brakes unexpectedly or loses control on the snow and starts to weave or swerve.  It also gives you more time to brake and stop if you hit ice unexpectedly.

Use Your Lights

Many luxury models come equipped with automatic lights and the latest in lighting technology.  It is important to turn on your lights if you are driving in less than optimal weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, or twilight.  By turning your lights on, you make it easier for other drivers to see you and for you to see the road around you.

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers a full line-up of high ranked safety and performance vehicles.  Contact the dealership today for a list of the top IIHS ranked vehicles by brand.

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