Porsche Santa Barbara Celebrates 50 Years of the Iconic 911

Porsche Santa Barbara shares in the excitement and celebration surrounding the half-century legacy of the Porsche 911. spec_image

Porsche Santa Barbara is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 911 this year.  For five decades, the Porsche 911 has been the heart of the Porsche brand.  Few other automobiles in the world can look back on such a long tradition and with such genuine continuity as the Porsche 911.  In fact, it has been inspiring car enthusiasts the world over since its debut as the Type 901 at the IIAA International Auto Show in 1963.

Leading Its Class

Today, the Porsche 911 is considered the quintessential sports car, the benchmark for all others.  The 911 is also the central point of reference for all other Porsche series.  From the Cayenne to the Panamera, every Porsche is the most sporting automobile in its category, and each one carries a piece of the 911 philosophy.

More than 820,000 Porsche 911s have been built, making it one of the most successful sports cars in the world.  For each of its seven generations the engineers in Zuffenhausen and Weissach have reinvented it, time and time again, demonstrating to the world the innovative power of the Porsche brand.

At Porsche Santa Barbara, we proudly affirm that the 911 reconciles apparent contradictions such as sportiness and everyday practicality, exclusivity and social acceptance, and design and functionality like no other vehicle.  It is no wonder that each generation has written its own unique success story.  Ferry Porsche best described its unique qualities: “The 911 is the only car you could drive on an African safari or at Le Mans, to the theater or through New York City traffic.”

Advanced Technology

In addition to its classic yet unique lines, the Porsche 911 has always been distinguished by its advanced technology.  Many of the ideas and technologies that made their debut in the Porsche 911 were conceived on the race track.  The 911 was committed to the performance principle from the start, and motor racing is its most important test lab.

From the very beginning it has been at home on circuits all over the world.  The Porsche 911 has earned a reputation as a versatile and dependable winner.  Indeed, a good two thirds of Porsche’s 30,000 race victories to date were notched up by the 911.

At Porsche Santa Barbara, the 50th anniversary of this iconic sports car is the central theme of 2013.  Across the word, Porsche will be hosting unique events in honor of the anniversary, including an appearance of an authentic 1967 model 911 at Pebble Beach, CA.

California Porsche fans and 911 enthusiasts can learn more about exciting events, offers, and available inventory of this flagship vehicle at Porsche Santa Barbara.

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