Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche has finally put the 918 Spyder available for sale. Something that many Porsche enthusiasts have been waiting for now becomes a reality. There will only be 918(fitting) units produced worldwide with prices starting at a cool $845,000. With sales opening up now, the first delivery will not be expected till late 2013, but this is a car that is sure to be worth the wait. Those who order first will also be able to place their name down for a unique 530hp, 911 Turbo called the 918 Spyder edition. The 918 Spyder is said to be very similar to the hybrid concept that was shown at the Geneva Auto Show, with a 500 hp engine and an additional 218 hp available through the 2 electric motors. The super car is also predicted to produce upwards of 80mpg with a 0-60 speed of just about 3.1 seconds, setting this car in a class truly all its own.
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