Porsche 911 turns 50

The automotive industry so intently focuses on the new and conceptual we rarely stop to look back at our beginnings. This year the Porsche 911 enters its 50th year in production and offers us a great opportunity to look back at the heritage of this classic sports car.

Since 1963, Porsche has delivered over 820,000 911s, many of which are still on the road today. In commemoration, veteran employees in Germany are receiving a big bonus this year and anniversary celebrations are being held throughout the world. Also, a special edition book has been released with photographs looking back through the years of the 911, available for purchase here.

Beyond the anniversary, Porsche has much to celebrate. 2012 was Porsche’s most succesful sales year on record and the 918 Spyder, Porsche’s new supercar, was finally released.

Life is good in Stuttgart. Happy Birthday 911, you look as good as  you ever have.

A look at the history of the 911

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