Maybach finally shuts down….Officially

Daimler has officially announced that they have closed down production on the Maybach. Most people have obviously seen this coming, as the high priced ($450,000) car never really seemed to take off or meet customers needs for the price that it cost to purchase one. For many it just looked like a bulky over priced, over featured S-Class Mercedes Benz.

It was a brand and car that stood for status and wealth more than anything else, but the catch was that few knew about it and even fewer could actually afford one, making the road for survival very tough. But the ones that could afford it let you know it, even if sometimes it was in a more unconventional way than others. (See Jay-Z, Kayne West music video)

The S-Class will always be the top of the line for Mercedes Benz. It most likely is not in the foreseeable future that anything will ever knock it off the top of the Mercedes Benz line.

However stranger things have happened and the world is always welcome to check out and purchase new things as long as they have the appeal and wow factor that we all look for.

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