Be InControl of your Jaguar XE

A smooth, supple ride, sharp steering, quiet, luxurious cabin and seamless connectivity – the new Jaguar XE delivers in all respects and is equipped with a wide range of technologies designed to make every journey an enjoyable experience.

InControl Infotainment

jaguarThe Jaguar XE features the Jaguar InControl® infotainment system featuring an 8-inch touchscreen. Users will experience a clear, intuitive interface for quick, easy access to all features and functions. Plain speech can be used for voice control allowing drivers to stay focused on driving while gaining needed information.

Heads-Up Display

With the aim of giving the driver maximum information with minimum distractions, the all-new laser Heads-Up Display (HUD) projects sharp, high-contract color images onto the windshield. The driver does not have to take his or her eyes off the road to check their speed or navigation instructions.

“We are seeing more and more integration of technologies into premium vehicles to improve the driver’s driving experience along with reducing distractions,” shares Duane Sanders, General Manager of Santa Barbara Auto Group. “The all-new XE features numerous cutting-edge driver tools and entertainment systems to ensure that Jaguar provides a simpler, more relaxing, and safer travels.”

InControl Apps

Smartphone apps can be seamlessly accessed on the InControl Infotainment touchscreen. This makes it easier to manage your life while on the go without having to dig out your phone to do so. You can run a conference call, find your destination, or book a hotel room for a last minute getaway. Optional data plans allow the XE to function as a Wi-Fi hotspot, for multiple devices to connect to the Internet.

InControl Remote

Another point of integration, your smartphone can now connect to your car from wherever you are. With the ability to control a range of functions including pre-setting the climate control system on hot or chilly tundra days, locking and unlocking the doors, or even starting the engine can be controlled remotely.

InControl Secure

What happens if your car is stolen? You call the police. They take a description, license plate number, and see if anything comes up matching the description. You wait. Technology is helping police scan license plates faster than in previous years, but still depending on the skills of your thief they can easily make it difficult to use these basic tactics. Thanks to InControl Secure you have enhanced security that provides pro-active vehicle monitoring. If your vehicle is stolen the tracking service can work with law enforcement to locate and recover your vehicle.

About Jaguar Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Auto group is proud to be an authorized Jaguar dealer located just off the 101 and S Hope Ave.  The Jaguar team at Santa Barbara Auto Group is strongly committed to delivering an exceptional buying experience.  The sale staff offers many years of experience satisfying customers’ needs.  Furthermore, the Santa Barbara Auto Group offers a wide array of new and pre-owned Jaguar vehicles which customers may view online or on-site at the dealership.

The Santa Barbara Auto Group is dedicated to providing the best sales and service experience in Southern California.  To learn more about any of the popular Jaguar models including the new Jaguar XE or Jaguar F-TYPE, feel free to call, email, or stop by for friendly personal service.

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