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A new way to experience the power of a Land Rover – Santa Barbara Auto Group encourages customers to safely navigate off-road terrain. land-rover-santa-barbara-media

Whether you are in a desert drought or the arctic tundra, it is always smart to know how to handle your Land Rover in off-road adventures. Land Rover Santa Barbara has some quick tips to keep their customers safe and learn to harness the full capability of their vehicle. A Land Rover is a vehicle like no other – it can take you through rainforests, deserts, and places no ordinary vehicle can reach. Before heading off-road it is crucial to know how to safely maneuver your Land Rover in off-road terrain and how to utilize the onboard technology.

Know your vehicle

The moment you venture off the pavement is when you realize the amazing potential of your Land Rover. But, before you decide to go off-road it is important that you are familiar with you vehicle and have read the owner’s manual thoroughly to discover the purpose of all the onboard technology. Know your vehicle dimensions, weight, and ground clearance. Have a good mental picture of the roof, undercarriage, and fragile parts, like the fuel tank and gear box, so you will be less likely to snag them on rocks or low lying branches.

Know the conditions

The Range Rover, LR4, and Range Rover Sport come equipped with a unique Terrain Response system that can be set for different driving conditions. There are settings for road, sand, grass/gravel/snow, mud and ruts, and rock crawling. Beyond the available technology, it is important to employ different driving techniques for different surface conditions. If you are venturing to the desert it is important to note that a low gear works better in sand and it is best to use a steady momentum to carry you through deep sand. It is best to handle muddy conditions by not selecting a gear that is too low because you are more likely to spin out. Combined with proactive driving techniques the Terrain Response System will keep you safer than ever on your next adventure.

Know the area

What is beyond the crest of a hill? How deep is the river? How slick is the driving surface? As long as it is safe to do so, it is best to be familiar with the area before you climb behind the wheel and tackle an obstacle.

Whether you are crossing water for the first time, or simply trying to stay safe on your drive home from work your Land Rover can get you there safely. Come visit Santa Barbara Auto Group and we will be happy to answer your off-road driving questions and get you behind the wheel of a Land Rover today.

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