Vehicle Makes

2014 Range Rover Sport

Land Rover, the SUV d’elegance. From a single model back in 1948, Land Rover has evolved into the premier luxury truck manufacturer in Europe and the U.S. The most recently released vehicle in the Land Rover line, the 2014 Range Rover Sport, was introduced at last week’s New York Auto Show. The Sport is a middle child […]

2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT

Jaguar was among the many brands to bring something new to the American table at last week’s New York International Auto Show. This car, however, stands out as an exciting new development for Jag and as inisght to the future of the company. Jaguar is generally recognized as the perfect union between power and luxury with […]

Acura Santa Barbara

This week’s post is dedicated to Acura, the most recent addition to the SB Auto Group family. Since Acura Santa Barbara opened its doors late last year, we have welcomed a fantastic group of new customers and brought this amazing line of luxury vehicles to the city we love and share. The 2013 Acura line is a […]

Automotive websites for women

When most people think of cars and car enthusiasts they think of men. The auto industry has always been a male dominated, but that is poised to change with more and more women who are beginning to express their love and interest in cars. While men love cars for the speed, style, handling and horsepower, […]