Porsche Vehicle Protection Ensures Complete Coverage for Your Vehicle

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The Porsche Vehicle Protection Plan offered by Porsche Santa Barbara is the most secure package for your leading sports automobile

Porsche Santa Barbara is offering protection for your Porsche that guarantees your new or pre-owned vehicle’s safety. These warranties are backed by top rated insurance companies. This means that you can be sure that you will be receiving the best coverage available on the market.

The Porsche Vehicle Protection Coverage is the whole package

Unplanned failures should never be a concern of yours when you are cruising along the Southern California coastline. You avoid expensive repairs when you have the security of the Porsche Vehicle Protection Plan. Porsche Santa Barbara offers comprehensive coverage including, but not limited to, coverage for engine components, suspension components, and fuel and electrical systems. Porsche Santa Barbara even provides protection for your Enhanced Systems, like navigation and Bluetooth. If it’s your shocks or bearings, or if it is your alternator or fuel injection system, you will not need to worry because Porsche Santa Barbara offers the most comprehensive protection plan for your new or pre-owned Porsche.  Even your high-tech and audio systems are covered by the Porsche Vehicle Protection Plan. Not only is the coverage comprehensive, this coverage will follow you throughout the United States should you experience any issues while away from home.

Adding to the numerous protections offered by Porsche Santa Barbara’s Porsche Vehicle Protection coverage, is the fact that you will be served by industry trained specialists in the execution of this protection plan. You will receive top level customer service and you can guarantee that your vehicle will be cared for by top of the line mechanics that will resolve any failures to your satisfaction.  Porsche Santa Barbara offers many coverage options for your vehicle, up to 10 years and100,000 miles that show how you are able to craft the coverage you need when you need it.

About Porsche Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Auto group is proud to be an authorized Porsche dealer located just off the 101 and S Hope Ave. The Porsche team at Santa Barbara Auto Group is strongly committed to delivering an exceptional buying experience. The sales staff offers many years of experience satisfying customers’ needs. Furthermore, the Santa Barbara Auto Group offers a wide array of new and pre-owned Porsche vehicles which customers may view online or on-site at the dealership.

The Santa Barbara Auto Group is dedicated to providing the best sales and service experience in Southern California. To learn more about any of the popular Porsche models including the Porsche 911 or Porsche Boxster, feel free to call, email, or stop by for friendly personal service.

Porsche Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara Auto Group Offers Industry-Leading Theft Prevention/Recovery Systems

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Sleep well at night knowing your vehicle is equipped with the latest and most effective LoJack system available.

Santa Barbara Auto Group is proud to partner with LoJack, the leader in stolen vehicle recovery systems throughout the United States. Customers of Santa Barbara Auto Group have the option to install the LoJack stolen vehicle recovery system into their vehicle to create further peace of mind. In the event of a vehicle theft, LoJack works immediately and directly with the local police station to locate your vehicle using the latest tracking technology in the industry. With many California cities leading the country in number of car thefts per capita, it is becoming more and more important for Santa Barbara and Southern California drivers to take extra precautions with their vehicles.

Things to Consider Regarding Vehicle Theft

It’s obvious that being the victim of vehicle theft is going to cause significant unanticipated costs, but most drivers aren’t aware of how many different ways this event can hit your wallet. Some hidden costs to consider in the event of vehicle theft are:

  • Loss of deductible insurance
  • Loss of start-up costs: sales taxes, registration fees, first payment, etc.
  • Cost of rental: above insurance coverage, beyond 30 days
  • Loan payments until vehicle declared “total loss”
  • Personal property in vehicle
  • Cost of lost time (inconvenience)
  • Cost of your peace of mind

By installing LoJack drivers can be sure that their vehicle is under the care of the most successful theft recovery system available. In fact, many stolen vehicles equipped with LoJack are returned within hours of the crime. That kind of peace of mind is worth the cost.

How does LoJack Work?

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System operates using three basic principles: Notification, Activation, and Recovery.

  1. Notification:

If a driver chooses to upgrade the LoJack system, a notification will be sent via text message or email any time the car is moved without the driver’s authorization. If the driver is using the standard LoJack, it will be activated immediately after the stolen vehicle is reported to the police.

  1. Activation:

As soon as your vehicle is reported stolen, the LoJack system is activated, emitting a uniquely coded signal to our network of police cars, helicopters and airplanes.

  1. Recovery:

Police use the LoJack tracking system—a system that, unlike a common GPS signal, can track your vehicle through concrete, buildings, steel, etc.—to track the unique signal emitted by your car to locate and retrieve it as quickly as possible.

The LoJack system is undetectable by thieves and offers 24-hour vehicle recovery guarantee. Boasting a 90% recovery rate, it is fair to say that they have proven their dominance as the best vehicle recovery system available.

Santa Barbara Auto Group offers several upgrades for the LoJack system as part of the standard package. Included in the standard LoJack package is LoJack Early Warning (EW), Extended Recovery System (XRW), and Guarantee Plus 5000 (GP5000). To learn more about these upgrades, contact Santa Barbara Auto Group.

About Santa Barbara Auto Group

Santa Barbara Auto Group is located off the 101 and Hope Ave and serves Santa Barbara residents and drivers throughout Southern California as the premium dealer for Acura, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Smart. Every Santa Barbara Auto Group employee is dedicated to providing the highest in sales and service assistance. Santa Barbara Auto Group represents eight different luxury brands and friendly experienced sales representatives are available seven days a week. To learn more about your favorite luxury vehicle, or to schedule a test drive, feel free to call, email, or visit Santa Barbara Auto Group.

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Image Courtesy of LoJack