Acura Santa Barbara

This week’s post is dedicated to Acura, the most recent addition to the SB Auto Group family. Since Acura Santa Barbara opened its doors late last year, we have welcomed a fantastic group of new customers and brought this amazing line of luxury vehicles to the city we love and share. The 2013 Acura line is a […]

Mercedes Benz SLS catches golf ball!!!1

It might sound well, weird, made up, impossible. But it was anything but that as pro driver David Coulthard and pro golfer Jake Shepherd teamed up for the world record, longest golf shot caught by a moving vehicle, done in the Mercedes Benz SLS convertible. The video is simply amazing and is a must see […]

Bimmerfest 2012

On May 19th 2012, Bimmerfest will once again put on their LEGENDARY show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena,Ca. This show is something that you will not want to miss. The President and CEO of BMW of North America, Ludwig Willisch, will be speaking to the crowd at 1:00 PM after arriving in the all-new […]

2013 Audi S6

Car and Driver Magazine just tested the new 2013 Audi S6 sedan. The V8 powered, 4.0 liter supercharged engine impressed with a initial 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, MUCH quicker than last years V-10 powered model that had a time of 5.7 seconds. To view the article in its entirety go to, to find […]

Jaguar How-To Videos

Jaguar USA just released a series of new how-to instructional videos to their YouTube account showing you how to operate almost every facet of the 2012 XJ. Everything from the Climate Controls to the often confusing Navigation they have it covered. I am sure that they will have more videos for the XF and XK […]

Automotive websites for women

When most people think of cars and car enthusiasts they think of men. The auto industry has always been a male dominated, but that is poised to change with more and more women who are beginning to express their love and interest in cars. While men love cars for the speed, style, handling and horsepower, […]

Maybach finally shuts down….Officially

Daimler has officially announced that they have closed down production on the Maybach. Most people have obviously seen this coming, as the high priced ($450,000) car never really seemed to take off or meet customers needs for the price that it cost to purchase one. For many it just looked like a bulky over priced, […]