2011 was a good year!

2011 was a good year overall for the automotive industry as a whole and U.S cars especially. To the surprise of most Chrysler ended the year selling a staggering 1.4 million cars, at a 26.2% gain overall, leading the pack of all manufactures. Although not all car makers saw a increase in sales, the always […]

2012 Hatchbacks Reviewed

Road and Track reviewed the hottest new hatchbacks for 2012 from the inexpensive Hyundai Veloster to the luxurious Ferrari FF. Visit for full details.

Hyundai Plant Expansion

Hyundai Motor Co. has announced plans to expand their U.S plant to build more 4 cylinder engines. The project based at the Alabama plant is estimated to be completed around March 2012. The project once completed will no doubt give a boost to the unemployment market creating around 200 or so jobs at the expanded […]