Learn About the History of Porsche at Petersen Automotive Museum

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For the next year, the Petersen Automotive Museum will be host to the greatest collection of iconic Porsche vehicles ever assembled outside of Germany.

Not too far from our Santa Barbara Headquarters, the Petersen Automotive Museum has opened an iconic Porsche exhibit titled “The Porsche Effect”. The exhibit will feature forty-eight legendary sports cars, including early models from the brand, race winners, bestsellers, and record holders. With a good bit of development and history information integrated into the attraction, everyone from simple Porsche admirers to all out Porsche fanatics will find something entertaining, or at least interesting, to take away from it. At Porsche Santa Barbara, we feel honored to be part of a brand with such a significant historical imprint on the auto industry. We strongly encourage visiting the exhibit in 2018, and if you are impressed, come see us at Porsche Santa Barbara to see if we can help you join the club of satisfied Porsche Drivers.

What to Expect at “The Porsche Effect”

The exhibit will include forty-eight legendary Porsche cars that span the timeline of the brand’s existence. Some of the more notable cars that are displayed are:

  • 1938 Berlin-Rome Type 64 – This was Ferdinand Porsche’s first sports car. Many car enthusiasts consider the design of the Type 64 to be a precursor to the post-war production model. The sports car has a similar body-style to the Volkswagen Beetle, but with an elongated front end that captures the luxury class suited to its time. The Type 64 displayed at “The Porsche Effect” exhibit is the last remaining one out of a total of four that were originally built.
  • 1994 Porsche 964 Turbo S X83 “Flaschbau” – This is a rare model designed to be the replacement for the popular Porsche 911. In fact, there were only thirty-nine models made for the US market, and only ninety total. The 964 Turbo is the epitome of sports cars. Its aerodynamic body, powerful acceleration, and signature spoiler make this car just plain fun to drive.
  • Porsche Gulf 917k – This is one of the most impressive and well-known racing vehicles of all time. Outside of being highlighted in Le Mans, a movie starring Steve McQueen that depicts a fictional “24 Hours of Le Mans” race, the 917k was given a twelve-cylinder engine with a new crankshaft and camshaft design that Porsche had never formerly tried. This race car is the perfect example of Porsche’s ground-breaking ingenuity that has sustained them as a leading brand for so long.

Located at 6060 Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum sits at the end of the “Miracle Mile”—an area known for its concentration of museums. At Porsche Santa Barbara, we are Porsche fans before Porsche retailers, so this is an exciting event. To learn more about Porsche models that we offer contact us, or come visit our Santa Barbara dealership. Otherwise, we hope to see you at “The Porsche Effect” exhibit this year.

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130 Years Of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Pioneering History

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Mercedes-Benz has a history of making automotive pioneering history. The first car bears the number DRP 37435, the reference under which the patent for the “gas-powered vehicle” filed by Carl Benz on January 29, 1886. Carl Benz’s ability to be an early adopter of ideas lives on today. His entrepreneurial vision with innovation and creativity has set the stage for years to come.  Since the first car, Mercedes-Benz has set the pace for all motorized vehicles.

The Mercedes-Benz innovations and achievements continue 130 years later with over 100,000 patents. Much of this is embedded in the culture of the company with Carl Benz’s quote, “The love of inventing never dies.”

The Timeline of Break-Through Safety Innovations

1886 The First Motor Vehicles
The self-propelled “Motorwagen” with a rear-mounted single-cylinder engine.

1931 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
The Mercedes 170 features the first-ever fully independent suspension, which allows each wheel to respond individually.

1967 Safety Steering
All Mercedes-Benz models are equipped with a new safety steering system as standard. The safety steering system reduces the risk of injury upon impact with the steering wheel.

1978 Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)
ABS helps the driver retain steering control under heavy braking by preventing wheel lockup.

1999 Active Body Control
This is the Mercedes-Benz brand name used to describe hydraulic fully active suspension. It allows control of the vehicle body motions virtually eliminating body roll in many driving situations.

2002 Pre-Safe
A groundbreaking system to help passengers prepare for an accident before it happens. PRE-SAFE can detect that certain types of collision might be imminent. In the precious moments before impact, it can snug the front seat belts and adjust the front head restraints to help optimize the effectiveness of the restraint systems.

2010 Attention Assist
Attention Assist measures over 70 data points in the first few minutes of a drive. This helps the detect signs of driver drowsiness and audibly alert the driver to take a break.

The Pioneering Future Will Continue

The Mercedes-Benz Safety, Design, Performance, and vehicle Environment systems will continue to show “the love of inventing” from Carl Benz.


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