Automotive websites for women

When most people think of cars and car enthusiasts they think of men. The auto industry has always been a male dominated, but that is poised to change with more and more women who are beginning to express their love and interest in cars. While men love cars for the speed, style, handling and horsepower, most women look for the style, trunk space and functionality of the interior. While the tow interests are extreme opposites, there is a market and interest for both.

In comes Tara Weingarten from the newly launched website called Vroomgirls. Vroomgirls is a website aimed specifically at women, looking to “leave out the jargon and humanize cars” as she told the LA Times earlier this month. In her first five weeks Vroomgirls attracted $35,000 page views, which is “pretty good” according to Weingarten.

The automotive industry for women is something that is gaining a lot of ground of late and could continue to produce lots of results to automotive makers in the near future.

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