Audi Santa Barbara Reviews Exciting Box Office Appearances for 2013

Southern California has a reputation for being the home to big screen productions.  This year, notable appearances were made by more than just famous people.  Think about any sci fi movie you’ve ever seen. What stands out? Well, something you’re sure to find in any sci-fi flick is an abundance of futuristic technology. From the naïve, idealistic flying cars and robots of the Jetsons, to the more restrained world of something like “Robot and Frank,” sci-fi movies depend upon technology to set the period. For the modern film industry, futuristic technology is the sci-fi movie. That’s really all it takes for a modern movie to claim the sci-fi label, is to have some sort of crazy ship or car. Yet, when used properly, technology really can set the mood and period of the movie. audi-santa-barbara-media-rsz

Audi recognizes the influence futuristic technology makes on a movie, and has partnered with two box-office hits this year: IronMan 3 and Ender’s Game.

In the summer blockbuster, Iron Man billionaire, Tony Stark, once again finds himself in a fight for his life against an evil villain.  His signature weapon of choice is a remarkably advanced suit, and his car of choice, the remarkably advanced Audi R8.  A superhero and a supercar.

Or, consider the recent film “Ender’s Game.” Based on the bestselling novel by Orson Scott Card, the film presents a futuristic world where humanity has survived one attempted alien invasion, and is now fearful of another. The film utilized many tools to convey its futuristic setting, most of them computer generated. But one very real tool was the Audi fleet shuttle quattro.

Audi designers developed their first-ever purely virtual car for “Ender’s Game.” “Advanced, highly technological and green.” This describes planet Earth in the science fiction film “Ender’s Game.” The Audi fleet shuttle quattro blends seamlessly into this time and its environment. It is futuristic, progressive – and the first virtual film model from Audi. The fictional Audi fleet shuttle quattro seen in the film “Ender’s Game” marks the first time the car company has unveiled a purely virtual Audi in a feature film. True to the company’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” philosophy, the brand with the four rings collaborated with director Gavin Hood and the production team to use the latest technology to digitally and seamlessly integrate the Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro into the futuristic environment of the film.

As 2014 approaches, we anticipate Audi will continue its partnership with Hollywood, and look forward to many more exciting concept cars making a big appearance!  We also invite Santa Barbara drivers to stop by the dealership to learn more about the exciting and real technology and performance advancements implemented in the latest Audi models.

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