Audi quattro Technology Celebrates Thirty Years of Engineering Excellence

Audi Santa Barbara explores the last three decades of the development, growth, and success of quattro technology.

Audi Santa Barbara celebrates 30 years of quattro technology.  Audi’s commitment to Truth in Engineering has driven over 30 years of success.  Today Audi is the world’s 98de0dab0a0d028a01184a4f8836ee22leading premium-segment manufacturer of passenger cars with permanent all-wheel drive.  The current model lineup includes more than 120 quattro variants; a number of models are available exclusively with all-wheel drive.

Motorsport Heritage

Audi understands that quattro equals motorsport.  The company has held to this equation since its first days.  Audi entered the World Rally Championship in 1981 and was exceedingly successful.  After this, race cars equipped with permanent all-wheel drive dominated every circuit racing competition they entered.  Following its success in motorsport, quattro technology shaped the image of the Audi brand in a more enduring fashion than any million-dollar advertising campaign ever could.

From 1980 through 2009, Audi produced roughly 3.3 million cars with quattro all-wheel drive.  In addition to the volume models, the S and RS models also plan an important role here.  And the show cars – those gleaming one-of-a-kind vehicles in which the fascination of technology is focused, have also contributed to the success of the quattro concept.

Audi quattro Continues to Debut Technology Updates

Exactly thirty years after the debut of the first quattro, Audi presents a new and innovative evolutionary stage of its permanent all-wheel drive system for longitudinal engines  – the quattro drive with crown gear differential and torque vectoring.  Inside the new center differential are two rotating crown gears that owe their name to the crown-like design of their teeth.  The rear crown gear drives the propshaft to the rear axle, and the front one the output shaft that runs to the front axle’s differential.  The technology will debut in the new Audi RS 5 high-performance coupé, with which Audi is further extending its competitive advantage.

There is a broad swath line of technologies stretching back from today to the first Audi quattro, from the classic manually locking center differential to the very latest evolutionary stage, the crown gear center differential. Over the last 30 years, Audi has repeatedly broken new ground with quattro permanent all-wheel drive, including for the models with transverse-mounted engines and for the R8 high-performance sports car with its very unique technology layout.

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