Audi Fans Get a Glimpse of the Future in Upcoming Feature Film

Audi makes another debut on the big screen in the upcoming feature film, “Ender’s Game” which features the futuristic Audi fleet shuttle quattro.SBAlogo5

Audi Santa Barbara invites drivers to look for the newest futuristic Audi designs in the upcoming feature film, “Ender’s Game.”  This highly-anticipated science-fiction movie features a star-studded cast including Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, and the Audi fleet shuttle quattro.  This is not the first time a premium Audi vehicle has been featured on the big screen thanks to its distinctive futuristic design.  Film fans will most likely remember the distinctly chic Audi R8 adaptation driven by billionaire Tony Stark in Iron Man. 

A Peek into the Future

The Audi design team created the car specifically for Summit Entertainment’s film adaptation of the best-selling novel, Ender’s Game.  Futuristic, progressive, and cutting-edge, the car reflects the tone of the movie itself.  The designers made the Audi fleet shuttle quattro fit into the futuristic world featuring ground-breaking visionary design and technology.

Audi designers have expressed that the design of the car was greatly influenced by the technologically advanced world of “Ender’s Game” so it fit seamlessly into the story while preserving brand values.  Designers expressed that designing the Audi fleet shuttle quattro was like creating a made-to-measure suit.

The feature film “Ender’s Game” is an epic adventure written for the screen and directed by Gavin Hood.  It features a near future society threatened by a hostile alien race.  As the world prepares for another attack, humans begin training the best students to find their future leader.  The story follows Ender Wiggin through his training experiences at Battle School through to an epic battle that will decide the fate of the entire human race.  Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE® company will bring the film to theaters on November, 1, 2013.

Although the Audi fleet shuttle quattro is a futuristic rendition of a concept vehicle, drivers can learn more about the remarkably innovative technology now available in the current Audi models.  Dedicated to continued progress, Audi enhances and refines the performance and technology of each vehicle with each new model release.  We encourage drivers to experience these features for themselves by scheduling a test-drive or visiting our showroom.

Whether you are looking for the elite Audi R8, A8, or Audi A6, or are searching for the efficient Audi A4 or sporty Audi A5, you can contact Santa Barbara Auto Group for the latest premium specials and available inventory.

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