Acura Santa Barbara Explores the Electric Technology of the Acura ILX Hybrid

Acura Santa Barbara delves into the efficient and innovative technology of the Acura ILX Hybrid. SBAlogo5

Acura Santa Barbara introduces the ILX Hybrid, powered by the Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)® System.  This advanced technology combines a decade of research and development which has been designed on the premise that much of an engine’s power is only used during acceleration periods or on steep inclines.  Thus, the system incorporates a 1.5 liter, 8-valve i-VTEC® 4 cylinder gasoline engine in conjunction with an electric motor.  The small, efficient engine operates alone when cruising at a regular pace, aided by the electric motor when the engine requires additional power.

Harnessing Innovative Electric Power

Acura Santa Barbara invites drivers to look more deeply at the performance and design of the Acura ILX Hybrid.  Together, the motor and engine produce 111hp and 127 lb-ft of torque.  All that spunky power is connected exclusively to the continuously variable transmission.  The car delivers an exceptional EPA Estimated Fuel Economy of 39 miles per gallon in the city and 38 combined and in the city.  While driving, both deceleration and braking recharge the battery to supply power to the electric motor.  In addition to the efficiency, the Acura ILX Hybrid also delivers a dynamically powerful driving experience.  Under certain conditions, the electric motor alone can power the car to speeds up to 45mph.

The ILX Hybrid is equipped with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).  The CVT works like that of a multi-speed bicycle, in which different ratios are achieved by changing the size of gears on each side of a chain.  Yet, instead of a chain with multiple gears on each end, the transmission uses a metal push-belt, running between a pair of pulleys that continually vary their diameter.

To offer the most dynamically efficient power and control, the CVT offers an infinite number of ratios of common automatic transmissions which help to provide the most efficient drive ration possible at all times.  When combined with the Drive-by-Wire throttle, the CVT allows the engine to stay at its most efficient RPM while speed is adjusted largely by ratio changes.  The Acura ILX Hybrid also features steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters which allow the driver to shift between pre-determined fixed ratios to give the driver control of the transmission when desired, elevating the driver’s experience and control on the road.

Santa Barbara drivers are encouraged to learn more about the advanced technology and design of the Acura ILX Hybrid at Acura Santa Barbara.  Visitors are welcome to call, email, or stop by for more information.

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