2013 Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster is not a car that needs very much redesign. But to keep up with the everyday changes in the automotive industry Porsche makes minor tweaks and changes every year to it. This year the Boxster just so happened to undergo some changes that made it look cosmetically awesome while giving a boost in performance to help keep it’s title from Car and Driver Magazine of one of the best handling performance car for under $100K.

The sleek new 981 sheds about 77 pounds for the S model and 55 for the base, horsepower in the S jumps up a mere 5 to 315hp, while keeping the same tourque at 266lb/ft. The base price for the Boxster will start around $50,450 and can jump up to the mid $60’s with some great options, still making this car a steal for the performance you get at a bargain price for a vehicle of this caliber. Visit your local Porsche Dealer for ordering information or to find out when they will be available for a test drive.

For an entire review of the 2013 Boxster, visit Car and Driver Magazines website.

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