2012 Acura TL

The newly redesigned Acura TL has been slated to go on sale on March 18th. This generation of TL is a world different from the aggressive design and styling that Acura gave it last year, which was much to the disappointment of many consumers who did not like the design at all. Acura gave this model a longer hood and a more subtle front grill and boxy rear end. As for performance, the V6 model stayed virtually unchanged boasting 3.5 liter, 280 hp and 29 MPG, while the SH-AWD brings a nice 305 hp to the table. The interior is still not up to many luxury brands standards it is still very nice and with the cars makeover as a whole it can again be considered a luxury car. At a base price of around $35,000 it still has one of the best price tags in the luxury automobile class.

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